VA-3 Profile 
This District contains:
Counties & Cities: Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake City, Portsmouth
HDs: HD-69, HD-70, HD-85, HD-86, HD-87, HD-88, HD-89, HD-90, HD-91, HD-92, HD-93, HD-94, HD-95
SDs: SD-17, SD-18, SD-19, SD-20, SD-21, SD-23, SD-24
*District borders as of Dec 2021.

VA-3 Voting Trend

Percentage of votes received in this district for Dems in previous elections.
Stats based on dist boundries at time of each election.
2021: McAuliffe received 63%.
2018: Kaine received 70%.
2017: Northam received 68%.
2016: Clinton received 63%.
2014: Warner received 64%.
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