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Taysha DeVaughan

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Taysha DeVaughan is running for Congress in VA-9.

Taysha DeVaughan is Donor Engagement Coordinator of the Appalachian Community Fund.

She is a resident of Wise County, making her home in Big Stone Gap, with her young son, Aiden. She was born in Lawton, OK, and is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma. She moved to Virginia in 2011 shortly after her father became the Director of Flatwoods Job Civilian Conservation Center in Coeburn, VA.

Taysha DeVaughan




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This District contains:
Counties & Cities: Montgomery Co, Franklin Co, Washington Co, Bedford Co, Henry Co, Tazewell Co, + 22 more
HDs: HD-37, HD-39, HD-40, HD-41, HD-42, HD-43, HD-44, HD-45, HD-46, HD-47, HD-48, HD-51, HD-53
SDs: SD-3, SD-4, SD-5, SD-6, SD-7, SD-8
*District borders as of Dec 2021.

VA-9 Voting Trend

Percentage of votes received in this district for Dems in previous elections.
Stats based on dist boundries at time of each election.
2021: McAuliffe received 25%.
2018: Kaine received 35%.
2017: Northam received 31%.
2016: Clinton received 27%.
2014: Warner received 38%.
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