Brent Finnegan


Brent Finnegan

Brent Finnegan is an Public Health educator running for Delegate in HD-26

Brent works at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at JMU, where he collaborates with local educators and health professionals to create online trainings and resources to reduce drug abuse and teen pregnancy, and support rural health initiatives in our community.

HE has been an active volunteer, teaching citizenship classes at Skyline Literacy and raising funds for Our Community Place. He has produced TV shows and documentaries about immigration policy and farming issues. He founded and ran a local news website,

Brent, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"States should do everything they can to ensure nobody dies or suffers financially because they lack adequate insurance."

➔ Human Rights +

"Everyone deserves to be treated equally, with dignity and respect regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual preference or identity."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"All Virginians deserve the dignity of working a job that allows us to support ourselves and our families, get adequate rest, and spend quality time with the people we love."

➔ Energy +

"Virginia's land, air, and water belong to all of us, and must be protected from fracked gas pipelines and other sources of pollution. We need to take immediate and meaningful action to stop the breakdown of our climate. Virginia must reduce our carbon pollution by 45% by 2031."

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

"Brent wants to end this shameful era of New Jim Crow, over-criminalization, and mass incarceration in Virginia."

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Brent Finnegan

HD-26 Profile

Harrisonburg City, Rockingham Co

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2020: Biden received 46%.
2019 (HD): Finnegan lost w. 46%.
2018: Kaine received 50%.
2017: Northam received 46%.
2017 (HD): Dem Finnegan received 45%.
2016: Clinton received 42%.
2015 (HD) No Dem candidate.

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