Danica Roem


Danica Roem

Danica is the incumbent HD-13 Delegate. She defeated Republican Bob Marshall (self-described "chief homophobe") in 2017.

Danica Roem is a step-mom, journalist and lifelong Manassas resident. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Mass Communication from St. Bonaventure University (New York) in 2006, she authored more than 2,500 news stories about the greater Prince William County area as the lead reporter of the Gainesville Times from 2006-2015, where her reporting won seven Virginia Press Association awards.

She served as the news editor of the Montgomery County Sentinel from 2015-2016, leaving her post three days before launching her campaign. She twice placed runner-up for the MDDC's James S. Keat Freedom of Information Award and won first place for local government and state government reporting in 2016. Danica also covered federal and state politics for The Hotline (National Journal Group) from 2009-2013 and worked as a content writer for Yoga Alliance from 2013-2014.

November 2017 Danica became the first out transgender person ever seated in an American state legislature.

Danica, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Danica voted to expand Medicaid to 3,800 uninsured constituents and is working to bring down expensive premiums.

➔ Education +

Danica voted to raise salaries for public school instructional staff by 5 percent. She will continue to work across the aisle to fully fund K-12 and higher education while taking care of our students, instructional staff and administrators.

➔ Human Rights +

"When the majority caucus this year proposed disproportionately extending federal tax cuts to people making more than $50,000 a year while providing barely anything for those who earned less, I fought for all of my constituents to be included until half of the tax cuts went to people making less than $50,000."

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

"I'll continue to support gun violence prevention bills where there is existing precedent in Virginia or other states for bipartisanship so we can get something done that is effective and data-driven."

➔ Environment +

"... My legislative philosophy in most circumstances is that I generally try to empower localities to make their own land-use decisions as the people closest to the area know the most about their environment and property."

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2017: Roem received 54%.
2017 (HD): Roem won w 54%.
2016: Clinton received 54%.
2015 (HD) Dem lost w. 44%.

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