Debra Rodman


Debra Rodman

Debra won the 73rd district in 2017 with 51.5% of the vote.

Debra Rodman is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies and Director of Women's Studies at Randolph-Macon College. She regularly serves as an expert witness for U.S. Federal immigration courts for families seeking political asylum, mostly women and children, and LGBT individuals. Named as one of Richmond Style Weekly's Top 40 Under 40, Dr. Rodman is a former Fulbright Scholar and fluent Spanish speaker.

Debra is a mom to two beautiful boys and the wife to Darryl Lowery, a Richmond native and member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina.

Debra, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"Debra fought tirelessly on the campaign trail and in the General Assembly to expand access to Medicaid for 400,000 Virginians. But prices, coverage, access, everything to do with the health insurance system are still a serious source of stress."

➔ Education +

"Debra has pushed to invest in our public schools and even delivered a historic 5% pay raise for Virginia public school teachers this year. But she also knows we can do better when Democrats take the majority-- our Virginia teachers are still paid almost $10,000 behind the national average and many pay for school supplies out of their own pockets."

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

"Debra has remained strong in the fight to prevent gun violence--fighting for universal background checks, red flag laws, stricter reporting rules when a firearm is lost or stolen, among others."

➔ Energy +

"Debra was one of the first candidate's to sign Activate Virginia's pledge to refuse money from Dominion and public service corporations. As a Delegate she voted and whipped votes against legislation which weakened the oversight powers of the State Corporation Commission over Dominion Energy. She has also carried legislation to test for increased lead levels in drinking water..."

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