Jennifer Woofter


Jennifer Woofter

Jennifer is a former Senate staffer, running for Delegate in HD-22.

Jennifer began her career and political experience as a staffer for the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, where she worked on bipartisan issues of fraud, waste, and abuse in government agencies, civil service reform, and regulations oversight.

Today, Jennifer runs a consulting business in Lynchburg and continues to consult for large companies.

Jennifer, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"... we need to do more to improve the delivery, quality, accessibility, and cost effectiveness of today's healthcare."

➔ Education +

"We need education pathways (like an emphasis on STEAM, innovation and entrepreneurship) that prepare [school kids] for a rapidly changing future. ..."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"We have record low unemployment across Virginia, but too many of our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet. We don't need more jobs, we need better jobs. ..."

➔ Voting Rights +

"It's a conflict of interest for the legislature to draw its own district lines, which is why we need to move to a nonpartisan, independent process. "

➔ Infrastructure +

"... it's time to make reliable broadband access a reality across the entire Commonwealth. The slow pace of broadband expansion is a drag on local economic development and hurts our ability for innovation in areas like education and telemedicine. ..."

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Jennifer Woofter

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Bedford Co, Lynchburg City, Campbell Co, Franklin Co.

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