Kathy Tran


Kathy Tran

Kathy has been the Delegate for HD-42 since 2018.

Kathy Tran and her parents fled Vietnam as boat refugees when she was a baby.

Kathy's family risked everything to come to America because this country has always represented hope, opportunity and freedom. Now, she's fighting for the American values that brought her family here in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the people of the 42nd District in the Commonweatlh of Virginia.

Kathy, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Kathy will always work to protect and expand Virginians' access to quality, affordable health care.

➔ Education +

  • Kathy fights to lower class sizes and increase teacher pay.
  • Kathy fights for affordable higher education, investment in our community colleges
  • Kathy understands the critical importance of early childhood education
  • ➔ Human Rights +

    Kathy uses her voice as Delegate to stand against those who seek to undermine a welcoming and inclusive Virginia.

    ➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

  • Pushes for universal background checks
  • Fights to restore Virginia's "One-Handgun-a-Month" rule to combat gun-running.
  • Fights for an assault weapons ban and limits on high-capacity magazines.
  • ➔ VA Workers & Economy +

    Kathy has spent her entire career working for all Americans to have the skills, training, and credentials to reach their full career potential.

    ➔ Energy +

  • Protect Virginia's natural heritage, but protect the future of our planet.
  • Focus on growing our clean energy industries in Virginia
  • ➔ Voting Rights +

    Kathy fights against laws and practices that keep Virginians from exercising their right to vote or seek to weaken our vote through gerrymandering or the influence of big money in politics.

    Learn more on Kathy's website issues page.



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    Fairfax County

    HD-42 Voting Trend

    Democratic candidates' election percentages.

    2020: Biden received 65.62%.
    2019 (HD): Tran won w. 60%.
    2018: Kaine received 65% .
    2017: Northam received 61%.
    2017 (HD): Tran won w. 61%.
    2016: Clinton received 58%.
    2015 (HD) Republican won w. 63%.

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