Kelly Convirs-Fowler


Kelly Convirs-Fowler

Kelly was elected to represent Virginia's 21st House of Delegates district in November 2017.

Before running for office, Kelly taught 3rd grade at Lynnhaven Elementary in Virginia Beach and led a team of women in real estate, specializing in military relocation. Kelly and her husband, Dave, were raised in the 21st District in military families and are now raising their two daughters there, as well.

Kelly passionate about fairness and ensuring that government is inclusive for all people.

Kelly, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

She was a key vote in the decision to expand Medicaid. "I will continue to fight for access to quality and affordable healthcare for all Virginians"

➔ Education +

"Every child should have access to a school and a teacher that makes them feel safe. That's my hope for the children in our district—including my three daughters—and the reason why I fought so hard to push through a 5% pay raise for Virginia’s teachers."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

Delegate Fowler is a small business owner and understands that small businesses are the engine that keeps our economy going which is why she voted to provide tax breaks for small businesses and incentives for job creators.

➔ Energy +

"Frequent storms and the rising sea-level are degrading our state — it's time we protect and preserve our environment."

➔ Voting Rights +

"What's fair is fair. I'm committed to voter reform to guarantee our rights and access."




HD-21 Profile

Virginia Beach City, Chesapeake City

HD-21 Voting Trend

Democratic candidates' election percentages.

2020: Biden received 55.2% of the vote.
2019 (HD): Convirs-Fowler won w. 55%
2018: Kaine received 58%.
2017: Northam received 56%.
2017 (HD): Fowler won w. 52%
2016: Clinton received 49%.
2015 (HD) Dem lost w. 43%

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