Lee Carter


Lee Carter

Lee has represented the Virginia 50th District since 2017.

Lee originally moved to Virginia in 2011, after completing five years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

Lee was an active member of the Manassas City Democratic Committee, and spends much of his time working as a community organizer and activist — particularly in the areas of affordable housing and worker protections. He is also a graduate of the Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership. The Carter family are involved members of the Bull Run Unitarian Universalist congregation in Manassas.

Lee joined the Marine Corps during the beginning of the 'Global War on Terror', and worked in technological repair in a Special Operations-capable support unit, completing tours in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. His unit was also one of the first to respond to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Lee, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Lee fought for Medicaid Expansion. But there are still over half a million Virginians with no health insurance whatsoever, and over a million more who have insurance but can't afford to use it. Lee won't stop fighting until we achieve universal coverage in Virginia.

➔ Education +

"Lee supports raising teacher pay, and in 2019 he introduced HB 1764 which would allow teachers to stand up and demand better working conditions without fear of reprisal. ..."

➔ Human Rights +

"Lee supports immediately passing legislation to prohibit discrimination in employment, public accommodation, public contracting, apprenticeship programs, housing, banking, and insurance on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. "

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"He will continue to fight for paid family leave and sick days, a minimum wage of at least $15/hr. indexed to inflation, and workers compensation reform. In 2019, Lee introduced HB 1806 to repeal the anti-union freeloader law (aka, "right to work"), and he'll continue to fight for repeal..."

➔ Energy +

"Lee refuses contributions from the fossil-fuel industry and opposes the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and fracking. In 2019, he co-sponsored HB 1635 to stop new fossil-fuel infrastructure construction. Lee supports massive investments in green energy and believes consumers should be able to purchase or produce their own renewable energy."

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

"Lee believes we need to stop criminalizing poverty, end cash bail, abolish private prisons, and end the application of the death penalty. In 2019, Lee introduced HB 2373 to legalize cannabis in Virginia. He also introduced HB 1761 prohibiting government purchase of goods and services produced by prison labor."

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Prince William County, Manassas City

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2015 (HD) Dem lost w. 41%.

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