Nancy Guy


Nancy Guy

Nancy is an attorney, entrepreneur, and cancer survivor committed to representing the people of the 83rd district.

Nancy grew up in a Navy family in the 83rd District. She has worked in a variety of capacities: managing a family real estate partnership, helping in the management of a home health care company founded by her father, and as an educational consultant assisting students. In 1996 she was elected to the Virginia Beach School Board and was subsequently re-elected for a second term.

As a proud product of Virginia's public education programs, supporting public education has long been her passion. In addition to her two terms on the School Board, she has served on the Board of WHRO, the Board of SECEP (the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Program), 12 years on the Virginia Education Foundation Board, two terms as President of the PTSA at Virginia Beach's largest high school, a member of the Virginia Beach City Council of PTAs and member of the Legislative Committee of the Virginia PTA. Nancy believes that a quality public education system is the very backbone of democracy and will do everything in her power to channel proper resources to it.

Nancy, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Nancy feels that it is not the role of government to dictate that a woman must become a mother.

➔ Education +

Nancy feels strongly that public education should be the among the highest spending priorities of state and local government.

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

Nancy supports common sense controls like universal back ground checks and limits on the volume of gun purchases.

➔ Energy +

Nancy feels we have a moral imperative to protect the environment for future generations.

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Nancy Guy

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Virginia Beach, Norfolk City

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2020: Biden received 56.5%.
2019 (HD): Guy won w. 49.97%.
2018: Kaine received 57%.*
2017: Northam received 55%.*
2017 (HD): Dem received 43%.
2016: Clinton received 49%.*
2015 (HD) No Dem candidate.

*Stats recalculated per 2019 redisticting

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