Rodney Willett


Rodney Willett

Rodney Willett is a Democrat, elected to the VA House of Delegates in 2019.

"A Virginia native who grew up in a family of teachers, Rodney has dedicated his career to public service. Rodney attended Virginia's oldest university — The College of William and Mary — where he earned both his undergraduate and law degrees, and where he was instrumental in founding the Pulley Family Endowment, which supports public service work by students."

"As an attorney, Rodney represented local governments in Virginia. ... He was also instrumental in establishing and expanding free legal assistance programs while running his practice."

Rodney, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"Rodney believes every Virginian deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare that covers pre-existing and chronic conditions. Medicaid expansion was a good start, but still too many Virginians lack reliable health care at reasonable costs. Prescription drugs must be affordable: No one should ever have to choose between a meal and medication. But thatís not all—Rodney is also advocating that Virginia put more funding into mental health care..."

➔ Education +

"Rodney supports universal Pre-K enrollment for all Virginia kids. Investing in education isn't just the smart thing to do, it's the right thing to do."

➔ Human Rights +

"Rodney's core principle is that ALL Virginians deserve equal opportunity, justice and fairness, no matter their skin color, ethnicity, faith, country of origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. He will actively fight prejudice, bigotry and discrimination, which includes advocating for passing the ERA to give women long overdue constitutional protections."

➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

"Establishing universal background checks is a proven way to keep guns away from violent criminals and potential terrorists. Rodney will advocate for legislation that keeps guns from domestic abusers, protecting our families. Rodney will support red flag laws so that those who present an immediate danger to themselves or others can have firearms temporarily removed. ..."

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

"His expertise in using technology to help streamline government will be put to work creating good jobs in Henrico and developing retraining programs for workers who need new job skills. Rodney also believes in equal pay for equal work, and will work to raise the minimum wage so Virginia workers can support their families."

➔ Energy +

"Rodney will work in the General Assembly to take concrete steps to move to renewable energy sources. As an outdoorsman and hiker, Rodney also values our unique public lands and iconic waterways, such as Shenandoah National Park, and he will ensure they are protected from harmful development."

Learn more on Rodney's website issues page.




Rodney Willett

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