Sheila Bynum-Coleman


Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Sheila is running against Republican Kirk Cox, current speaker of the VA House of Delegates. HD-66 has been redistricted.

Sheila Bynum-Coleman received a B.A. in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her professional experience includes working as a real estate agent and founding the company R.H. Coleman Enterprises LLC.

Sheila ran in 2017 in the 62nd dist, received 48% of vote. She lost to Riley Ingram.

Sheila, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

"I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality healthcare as a right."

➔ Education +

"The school to prison pipeline is real in America. I believe our school resource officers need to evaluate and revise their roles within the schools to protect and serve - not to interrogate and/or discipline."

➔ Human Rights +

  • Fully supports the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
  • Believes in equal pay for equal work.
  • Believes medical decisions should be made by a woman and her health care provider. Legislators do not belong in our medical offices.
  • ➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

    "I believe we can reduce gun violence through common sense gun reform, including universal background checks and universal laws to offer licenses to hold a firearm."

    ➔ Energy +

    "I want the General Assembly to take seriously the link between local actions and our climate. We have the power to make meaningful changes, starting in our own communities."

    Learn more on Sheila's website issues page.



    Sheila Bynum-Coleman

    HD-66 Profile

    Chesterfield County, Colonial Heights City

    HD-66 Voting Trend

    Democratic candidates' election percentages.

    2020: Biden received 54.50%.
    2019 (HD): Bynum-Coleman lost w. 47%.
    2018: Kaine received 56%*
    2017: Northam received 52%*
    2017 (HD): Dem lost w 36%.
    2016: Clinton received 50%.*
    2015 (HD) No Dem candidate

    *Stats recalculated per 2019 redisticting

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