Shelly Simonds


Shelly Simonds

Shelly lost her district 2017 election in a heart-breaking random draw.

Shelly Simonds is an educator and a community leader in Newport News. A former teacher, Shelly is a member of the Newport News School Board with a passion for excellence in education. As a Delegate, Shelly will fight for higher teacher pay and pursue a bold agenda to fix our schools' crumbling infrastructure. She supports advancements in STEM curriculum, which will lead to better jobs and a well-trained workforce that is prepared for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Shelly, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Stand Up for Healthcare by expanding access, increasing coverage, defending women's rights, and stopping Republicans from mismanaging our healthcare system.

➔ Education +

Invest in Our Schools by raising teacher pay, improving school infrastructure and creating jobs, and prioritizing career and technical training.

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

As Delegate, Shelly will prioritize working families, better jobs, and higher wages.

Learn more on Shelly's website issues page.




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Democratic candidates' election percentages.

2020: Biden received 60%.
2019 (HD): Simonds won w. 57.7%.
2018: Kaine received 63%.*
2017: Northam received 60%.*
2017 (HD): D/R tie vote, Libertarian 3%
2016: Clinton received 55%*
2015 (HD) Dem Simonds received 42%.

*Stats recalculated per 2019 redisticting

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