2021 Priority VA Legislation

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Priority Bills

Status: Left in Committee

Cat House Senate GA / Gov Number Summary update
economy PBI SB 770 Paid family and medical leave program. 2/3
elections Left HB 1933 Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. 2/10
campaign finance Left HB 1756 Campaign finance; prohibited contributions to candidates. 2/10
campaign finance Left HB 1906 Prohibits contributions from corporations, civil penalty. 2/10
environment Left SB 1224 Uniform Statewide Building Code; amendments, energy efficiency and conservation. 2/10
workers PBI SB 1330 Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission to establish. 2/10
environment Left HB 2292 Fossil fuel projects; establishes a moratorium, effective January 1, 2022, etc. 2/10
workers Left HB 1755 'Right to work' law; repeals provisions of Code that refers to denial or abridgement. 2/10
workers Left HB 2016 Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission required to establish. 2/10
women Left HB 1922 Medical assistance; coverage for reproductive health services. 2/10
women PBI SB 1228 Virginia Equal Pay Act; civil penalties. 2/10
environment Passed PBI HB 2048 Electric utility regulation; purchasing from competitive suppliers. 2/16
environment Passed PBI HB 2200 Electric Utilities; Triennial Review. 2/17
elections Passed PBI HB 2082 Transparency in Redistricting Process. 2/23
campaign finance Passed Left HB 1952 Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, child care exception. 2/26

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Approved Signed by Governor.
Enrolled Sent to the Governor, but not yet signed.
Passed Passed House or Senate.
Comm In Committee. Hover to see committee name. Click to see members.
Read1/2/3 Read in chamber.
Reported Approved by Comm.
Recommends Recommended by Subcommittee.
Left Left in committee.
Incorp Incorporated into another bill.
PBI. Passed by Indefinitely.
Stricken Bill withdrawn.

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The Virginia General Assembly uses its own terminology.

Engrossed. A legislative stage when a bill passes the second reading in the House of origin. Every bill has to be "read" on the floor three times before voting on it. The action or any debate or discussion usually comes on the day of the second reading or the third reading.

Enrolled. Legislation which has passed both the House of Delegates and the Senate, signed by the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate, sent to the Governor, but not yet signed.

Failed to report. Defeated.

Incorporated. Rolled into someone else's bill. Either because they're identical, or they have incorporated *some* of the language in, and the patron agreed to have her name on the other bill.

Patron. Bill sponsor. There can be many patrons.

Referred. The assignment of legislation to another standing committee with no stance on the policy of the measure (neither endorses nor rejects the legislation).

Reported. The approval of a measure by the majority of the committee. The legislation may be reported by the committee with or without amendments. A bill may also be reported and referred to another committee.

More definitions from League of Women Voters Virginia
More definitions from University of Virginia