2023 Priority Legislation

of the Virginia Grassroots Coalition

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2023 Priority Bills

Human Rights & Workers' Rights

Cat Number Title House Senate GA /Gov updated
Support rights HB 1391 Commission on Social Media established; report. more...
Establishes the 20-member Commission on social media to study and make recommendations on the impacts and harms to citizens caused by social media platforms hosting or amplifying content that includes threats or suggestions of physical violence or danger toward citizens, institutions, groups, associations, or physical structures of the Commonwealth.
Tabled 1/31/23
Support rights HB 1895 Employee protection; prohibited retaliation; prohibited nondisclosure and nondisparagement. more...
The Silenced No More Act, to strengthen a statute protecting employees from retaliatory termination by further protecting persons who speak out or discuss/disclose conduct believed to be illegal discrimination (including sexual assault and harassment), or waste, fraud or abuse, and to void and make unenforceable nondisclosure agreements (but for settlement amounts) and nondisparagement agreements (unless otherwise requested by the victim).
Passed Passed C.C. Agreed 2/27/23
Support rights HB 2003 Employment; training and education; sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. more...
Requires each employer with 50 or more employees, including the Commonwealth and its agencies, institutions, and political subdivisions, to provide annual interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment and workplace discrimination by January 1, 2024.
Tabled 1/26/23
Support rights HB 2148 Employee protection; prohibited retaliation; prohibited nondisclosure and nondisparagement. more...
A Know Your Rights Bill, to require employers to inform workers of their rights to file a charge of discrimination with the U.S. EEOC or Office of the Attorney General within 300 days after an alleged unlawful discriminatory practice occurred.
Tabled 1/26/23
Support rights HJ  460 Constitutional amendment; repeal of same-sex marriage prohibition (1st reference) more...
Repeals the constitutional provision defining marriage as only a union between one man and one woman.
Left 2/8/23
Support rights SB 1248 MEI Project Approval Commission; board level gender and diversity requirements. more...
Requires gender-balance and diverse members on the boards of corporations asking for incentives from the state of Virginia.
Tabled Passed 2/14/23
Oppose rights HB 1434 Student records; name change, court order required. more...
Prohibits any school board member or school board employee from changing the name of a student enrolled in the local school division on any education record relating to such student unless the member or employee receives a change of name order for such student that was issued in accordance with relevant law.
Tabled 1/26/23
Oppose rights SB 962 Elementary and secondary schools; athletics; participation in female sports; civil cause of action. more...
Requires each public elementary or secondary school and each private elementary or secondary school that competes in sponsored athletic events against such public schools to designate all interscholastic athletic teams and intramural athletic teams sponsored by such school based on biological sex.
PBI 2/2/23
No. of bills: 8

Note: The Rules Committees of both Chambers have limited the number of bills that individual members may introduce this Session: Senators have bill limits of 26, and Delegates have bill limits of 15.

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The Virginia General Assembly uses its own terminology.

Continued/Carried over. Action taken in an even-numbered year to postpone the consideration of a measure until the next regular session of the General Assembly.

Crossover. The last day for a bill to pass out of the chamber in which it was introduced and move forward for consideration in the opposite chamber. If a bill does not move forward, it is "Left" (dead).

Engrossed. A legislative stage when a bill passes the second reading in the House of origin. Every bill has to be "read" on the floor three times before voting on it. The action or any debate or discussion usually comes on the day of the second reading or the third reading.

Enrolled. Legislation which has passed both the House of Delegates and the Senate, signed by the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate, sent to the Governor, but not yet signed.

Failed to report. Defeated. The rejection of a motion to 'report' a bill to the full chamber.

Incorporated. Rolled into someone another bill. Either because they're identical, or they have incorporated *some* of the language in, and the patron agreed to have her name on the other bill.

Patron. Bill sponsor. There can be many patrons.

PBI. Passed by Indefinitely. Action to allow a committee to reconsider legislation at a later meeting. If the committee takes no further action, the bill is dead. [Usually the bill is dead.]

Referred. The assignment of legislation to another standing committee with no stance on the policy of the measure (neither endorses nor rejects the legislation).

Reported. The approval of a measure by the majority of the committee. The legislation may be reported by the committee with or without amendments. A bill may also be reported and referred to another committee.

Stricken. Legislation removed from a committee's docket, frequently at the request of the patron.

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Virginia judge rejects push to block protections for transgender students, Courthouse News Service, July 27, 2021.

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