Women's Equality Day Graphics

Please download and post the graphics of your choice on Social Media Aug 25-28.
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Our Dem Congresswomen

Voted to protect our rights!

All Virginia DEM members of Congress voted FOR these bills.
All Virginia GOP members of Congress voted AGAINST these bills.

In your post's text, you can suggest working for the candidates:

  • Volunteer for Elaine Luria
  • Volunteer for Abigail Spanberger
  • Volunteer for Jennifer Wexton
  • Abigail Spanberger

    Voted to protect our rights!

    If you want a graphic like this for another candidate, let Denis know.

    Footnotes with info on these bills at VirginiaGrassroots.org/DemsDeliver

    Women's INequality Day


    Say something like:

    [I am joining/my org is joining] LWV's #WomensInequalityDay campaign on Aug 26 to demand our lawmakers restore & protect our rights. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3AfXHBr

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    More on Womens INequality Day

    Source: League of Women Voters

    Friday Power Lunch

    Battle to Save Democracy: Ladies for Justice Speak

    Fri, Aug 25 @ noon

    Esteemed ladies of justice, Dahlia Lithwick and Lis Frost will give us an insider's view to the shenanigans and challenges we face defending equality and justice

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