Indivisible Virginia 11

Fairfax, VA


We are an action group dedicated to helping our country moving forward in democracy.

We formed on January 7, 2017 and early in 2017 we were mainly involved in resisting the Trump agenda. Later we became more focused on elections including local, state and national elections, recognizing all elected positions were important in our work of supporting democracy. We adopted candidates inside and outside of NOVA, prioritizing candidates of color, by holding fundraisers, working to get voter support for candidates through writing postcards to their constituents, canvassing, and phone-banking. We work with legislators to write and introduce bills, and help to find sponsors and co-sponsors for bills, lobby to get the bills out of committee, and testify during committee meetings. Also, we hold forums to educate the public about issues and how they can help get the bills that address the issues passed. In collaboration with others in the Virginia Grassroots Coalition we have worked to help flip Virginia blue and get some important bills before the General Assembly during the 2020 session. To join, send a request to using the email you use for your Facebook account.

Issues: Electoral politics, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Environment, Womens Rights, LGBTQ, Immigration, Healthcare, Economy, Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Environmental and Social Justice
Activities: Organizing actions, Canvassing, Phone banking, Postcards, Lobbying, Fundraising, We write bills, lobby for sponsorship of bills by legislators, testify in committee meetings, and hold forums on bills to educate the public..
Members: Facebook: 420, in person - 20

★ 2019 Election Activities

Working in: ,
Yes we worked on the 2019 elections in a big way. Now we are focusing on the 2020 General Assembly and the 2020 elections .

2018 Activities

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