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Our website is being reengineered for the 2019 election when all 140 seats of the Virginia legislature will be in play. Please explore this version of our website from 2017 for an introduction to our approach in facilitating learning and offering ways for those in Virginia and across the country to take action. We think you'll quickly understand Why Virginia Matters.

It is with great joy that we at Virginia Matters report to you that:

In 2017, we took back 15 SEATS in Virginia's House of Delegates, which moved the chamber from a 66/34 Republican majority to a 51/49 split!

In 2018, we succeeded in flipping our US House Delegation from a 7-4 Republican majority to a 7-4 Democratic majority!

In 2019, we are poised to bring an unparalleled effort between grassroots organizations and a slate of truly compelling candidates to flip the seats necessary to regain control of both houses of the Virginia legislature, resulting in the first modern Democratic Trifecta in the South!

Watch a social-media-friendly version of the story.

Hear how Republicans have systematically taken control of our state governments and why Virginia is the place we start taking them back.