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District 40

Donte Tanner

Fairfax County, Prince William County

Donte Tanner is an Air Force Veteran, small business owner, husband and father. Donte, who was taught the importance of service from his parents, is running because he wants to continue serving his country and carry on the Air Force Academy’s tradition of putting "Service Before Self" by fighting for Virginia families. Tanner is running in the 40th District in Fairfax and Prince William Counties, a district that went 8 points for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Donte is challenging Republican Tim Hugo, who is the House of Delegates’ majority caucus chairman. Hugo boasts being behind every bad bill Republicans have put forward -- transvaginal ultrasounds, blocking independent redistricting reform, defunding planned parenthood -- and has done so against the interests of his district.

House District 40

Secretary Clinton won this district by 8 percent of the vote. The 40th encompasses parts of Fairfax and Prince William Counties, and is currently represented by Tim Hugo (R).

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