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District 73

Debra Rodman

Henrico County

Debra Rodman is a Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies and Director of Women's Studies at Randolph-Macon College. She regularly serves as an expert witness for U.S. Federal immigration courts for families fleeing violence and persecution, mostly women, children, and LGBT individuals. Named as one of Richmond Style Weekly's Top 40 Under 40, Dr. Rodman is a former Fulbright Scholar and fluent Spanish speaker.

As a professor of Anthropology, Debra speaks knowledgeably and passionately about issues such as what Trump's hateful rhetoric on immigrants is doing to our country, how his rhetoric emboldens white supremacists, how Charlottesville demonstrates that we haven't as a country moved forward from the mistakes of our past. She also explained how her training in anthropology makes her uniquely suited for public office — this training entails listening to people's stories, really hearing them, and then giving them life.

Debra's convinced she can take people's voices to Richmond and fight for policies that will make their lives better!

Debra is a mom to two beautiful boys and the wife to Darryl Lowery, a Richmond native and member of the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina. They live in Henrico and attend Temple Beth-El.

House District 73

Secretary Hillary Clinton won this district by 7 percent of the vote. The 73rd encompasses Henrico County, and is currently represented by John O'Bannon (R).

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