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District 94

Shelly Simonds

Newport News City

Shelly Simonds is an educator and a community leader in Newport News. A former teacher, Shelly is a member of the Newport News School Board with a passion for excellence in education. As a Delegate, Shelly will fight for higher teacher pay and pursue a bold agenda to fix our schools' crumbling infrastructure. She supports advancements in STEM curriculum, which will lead to better jobs and a well-trained workforce that is prepared for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow.

Shelly is also a strong advocate for higher wages for Virginia's workers and will fight for the kind of economic growth that will benefit all Virginians, not just the one percent. She has always been a staunch defender of a woman's freedom to choose and her right to reproductive health, and she believes that Virginia must greatly expand access to health care overall.

As a member of numerous boards and non-profit organizations, Shelly is a long-time local fixture in the Newport News community. She lives in the Hilton area with her husband Paul, an aeronautical engineer, and her youngest daughter Georgia. Her daughter Tessa attends the University of Virginia. Shelly received her B.A. from Bucknell University and holds a Masters in Communications from Stanford.

House District 94

Secretary Clinton won this district by 5 percent of the vote. The 94th encompasses parts of Newport News City and is currently represented by David Yancey (R).

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