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2021 VA Legislation

Candidate of the week Wendy Gooditis


Wendy Gooditis
Candidate of the Week July 21–25

Help Re-Elect Wendy by posting graphics and info on Social Media, encouraging people to Donate or Volunteer.

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Events & Calls-to-Action

Citizens Climate Lobby

Tell your Senators

We want a Price on Carbon
Thu, Jul 22
Once you've emailed and called, get others to act

Cancel the MVP

and Gas Infrastructure Projects
Thu, Jul 22
Ask your org to sign by 7/25.
Network Nova

Women's Summit

Sat, Jul 31
How to relate any topic to any audience

2021 Women's Summit

TUES, JUNE 22 to SUN, AUG 15

In-person (at 3 locations) and Zoom activities.

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Federal Legislation

DC Statehood


HR.51 Washington, D.C. Admission Act

S.51 Washington, D.C. Admission Act

The DC Statehood bill has passed the house and has been received by the Senate.

Both Virginia Senators are co-sponsors.

Protect Voting Rights

Protect Voting Rights

S.1 (Senate version of For the People Act)

➔ Will expand Americans' access to the ballot box
➔ Reduce the influence of big money in politics
➔ Strengthen ethics rules for public servants,
➔ and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy...

Forty-nine Senators (including our Virginia Senators) have Sponsored or Co-Sponsored this bill, but it will take at least 50 to pass. Senate Republicans can block the bill from proceeding to a vote with a filibuster.

Other 2021 Federal Legislation