VGC Meeting at the 2023 Women's Summit
Photos by Kelly Haywood and Denis Orsinger

Virginia Grassroots Coalition

Working Groups

Working Groups, if you would like your own page on this website, please contact Denis. (See Climate and Clean Energy Working Group.)

Elections Working Group Contact Luisa to join.

Legislative Working Group Contact Luisa to join.

Education Working Group Contact Marianne to join.

Climate & Clean Energy Working Group Contact Amy or Sharon S. to join.

Gas & Pipelines Working Group Contact Freeda to join.

Women's Issues Working Group Contact Sharon W. or Marie Ann to join.

Gun Violence Prevention Contact Kathleen to join.

Good Governance & Voting Rights Contact April to join.

Affiliated Groups

MoneyOutVA Contact Nancy.

Justice Forward Virginia Contact Rob P.

Loudoun Grassroots Coalition Contact Renise.

CD2 Action Council Contact Luisa.