Canvass for VA Congressional Candidates!

Tips for effective Canvassing

Canvassing Conversations, 31st Street Swing Left Training Video, 2022.
Canvassing Conversations Supplement (pdf)

Additional resources

1. Hitchhiker's Guide to Persuasion Canvassing in Virginia, James D. Shelton, September 2017.
Volunteer to Canvass in VA


1 Be yourself.

2 Listen.

3 Learn what matters most to the voter.

4 Connect the voter to your candidate.

5 Help persuaded voters make plan to vote.

6 Get Commitment.


Lit: Printed materials you'll give out.
Voter ID: In this case it means: Is the person a strong Dem, lean Dem, etc.
Launch: Place your canvass starts.
Turf: Area you will canvass.