15 House of Delegate seats flipped blue.

★ Democrats also won all 3 top state-wide races.
All 100 House of Delegates seats were up for election, as well as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and state Attorney General.

“This wasn't a one-off, just because of Trump wave. The progressive grassroots have organized in Virginia and are working for the long-haul.” —A Siegel, "Lessons from Virginia's Grassroots: how to mobilize, fight, win," Daily Kos

Candidates Coalition groups worked for

Win 63%
Jennifer Foy,HD2
Jennifer Foy
Dist 2
Win 52%
Wendy Gooditis,  HD10
Wendy Gooditis
Dist 10
Win 54%
Chris Hurst, HD12
Chris Hurst
Dist 12
Win 55%
Danica Roem,  HD13
Danica Roem
Dist 13
Winner 53%
Kelly Convirs-Fowler,  HD21
Kelly Fowler
Dist 21
-124 votes
Larry Barnett,  HD27
Larry Barnett
Dist 27
-73 votes
Joshua Cole,  HD28
Joshua Cole
Dist 28
Win 54%
Elizabeth Guzman,  HD31
Elizabeth Guzman
Dist 31
Win 59%
David Reid,  HD32
David Reid
Dist 32
Recount: -99 votes
Donte Tanner,  HD40
Donte Tanner
Dist 40
Win 61%
Kathy Tran,  HD42
Kathy Tran
Dist 42
Win 55%
Lee Carter,  HD50
Lee Carter
Dist 50
Win 53%
Hala Ayala,  HD51
Hala Ayala
Dist 51
Win 58%
Karrie Delaney,  HD67
Karrie Delaney
Dist 67
Win 50.4%
Dawn Adams,  HD68
Dawn Adams
Dist 68
Win 52%
Schuyler VanValkenburg,  HD72
Schuyler VanValkenburg
Dist 72
Win 50%
Debra Rodman,  HD73
Debra Rodman
Dist 73
Win 84%
Jay Jones,  HD89
Jay Jones
Dist 89
Tie-breaker draw resulted in loss
Shelly Simonds,  HD94
Shelly Simonds
Dist 94
Willie Randall,  HD100
Willie Randall
Dist 100

Content from this page was originally posted on Why VA Matters 2017, a website developed by Virginia Grassroots Coalition members.