2023 Virginia Races to start thinking about

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State Senate

Flip Seats

SD-17 Open Seat - Clint Jenkins – Suffolk City, Isle of Wight Co +5.2R
SD-16 Incumbent Dunnavant – VanValkenberg – Henrico Co +6.3D
SD-31 Incumbent Jill Vogel – Loudoun County +0.7R

Protect Seats

SD-4 Edwards – Roanoke +10.3 R
SD 24 Incumbent Monty Mason – Hampton Roads +3.5R
SD 20 Incumbent Lynnwood Lewis – Hampton Roads +15R

House of Delegates

Flip Seats

HD-94 Open Seat – Norfolk City (3.9 D)
HD-55 Incumbent Rob Bell (R) - Albemarle Co, Louisa Co. (11.7 D)
HD-76 Incumbent Roxann Robinson (R) – Chesterfield Co (18.5 D)
HD-21 Open Seat – Prince William County (3.4 R)
HD-65 Incumbent Tara Durant (R) – Stafford, Fredericksburg City, Spotsylvania (2.9 R)
HD-57 Open Seat – Henrico County (2.9 R)
HD-97 Incumbent Karen Greenhalgh (R) – Virginia Beach (2.2 R)
HD-82 Incumbent Kim Taylor (R) – Petersburg City, Dinwiddie Co, PG Co. (2.1 R)

Protect seats

HD-22 Incumbent Michelle Maldonado (D) – Prince William County (7.1 R)
HD-84 Incumbent Nadarius Clark (D) – Hampton Roads (2.3 D)
HD-58 Incumbent Rodney Willett (D) – Henrico County (4.7 D)