Clint Jenkins


Clint Jenkins

Clint was elected Delegate in 2019, flipping HD-76 blue.

Clint Jenkins is an Army veteran, small business owner, and community leader who was raised in the heart of the 76th district. He has been deeply involved in the community for years, volunteering for various local organizations and churches and taking an active role with the Democratic Party, currently serving as the Chair of the 3rd Congressional District for the DPVA.

The spirit of service has driven him to do all of these things, and it's why he's running for the House of Delegates.

Clint, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

  • Protect Medicaid expansion from Republican attacks
  • Increase transparency in pricing, both for prescription drugs and services
  • Support Community Health Centers...
  • ➔ Education +

  • Raise teachers' salaries
  • Secure funding for new construction and much-needed improvements to existing schools
  • Fund universal pre-K programs for every child in Virginia
  • Increase overall state funding for education and push for a more equitable distribution of resources across the Commonwealth
  • ➔ Gun Violence Prevention +

  • Institute universal background checks
  • Restrict access to military-style assault weapons
  • Bar violent criminals and domestic abusers from legally purchasing weapons and pass Extreme Risk Protective Order legislation
  • Increase penalties on straw purchasers who sell weapons on the black market
  • ➔ VA Workers & Economy +

  • Attract better-paying jobs so no one who works full-time struggles to make ends meet
  • Expand job training programs to help get people back to work
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Protect employees' rights to organize and collectively bargain
  • ➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

  • Emphasize rehabilitation over incarceration
  • Fight to reform sentencing guidelines and change mandatory-minimum laws
  • End the school-to-prison pipeline that too often labels our children as criminals for life
  • Provide more resources for returning citizens to make it easier for them to reintegrate into society
  • ➔ Voting Rights +

  • Repeal Virginia's Voter ID law Institute universal voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting
  • Expand early voting periods to give people greater flexibility in casting their ballots
  • ➔ Infrastructure +

  • Invest in critical infrastructure that companies need to do business more efficiently
  • Learn more on Clint's website issues page.




    Clint Jenkins

    HD-76 Profile

    Suffolk City, Chesapeake City

    HD-76 Voting Trend

    Democratic candidates' election percentages.

    2020: Biden received 60.61%.
    2019 (HD): Jenkins won w. 56.33%.
    2018: Kaine received 62%*
    2017: Northam received 60%*
    2017 (HD): No Dem candidate
    2016: Clinton received 54%*
    2015 (HD) No Dem candidate

    *Stats recalculated per 2019 redisticting

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