Dawn Adams


Dawn Adams

Dawn Adams won the 68th Dist in 2019 w. 55% of the vote and in 2017 with 50.4% of the vote.

Dr. Dawn Adams worked with and advocated for healthy communities for over 30 years as a nurse, a nurse practitioner and an educator. She currently serves as the Director for the Office of Integrated Health for the Virginia Department for Behavioral Health & Developmental Services. In this role, she manages a multi-million-dollar state budget directed at creating new services for the developmentally disabled. In addition, she works with community and statewide stakeholders to create health-related policy proposals for submission to the General Assembly.

Dawn, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

Dr. Dawn Adams will continue to provide healthcare leadership for the General Assembly and continue her work to increase access to affordable healthcare throughout the lifespan.

➔ VA Workers & Economy +

One of Dawn's top priorities, along with her colleagues, is ensuring a robust economy, especially as we traverse post-pandemic Virginia. We must build on recent accomplishments ensuring safety and fairness for employees, help fund diverse training pathways for the jobs of the future and support our small business communities.

➔ Energy +

Without clean air, land, and water we cannot live a healthy life. Dawn remains committed to environmental protections and has had the consistent support of Virginia's environmental groups due to her strong advocacy for preserving our environment for future generations.

➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

Over the last two years, Virginia has pushed forward the most aggressive right-sizing of injustice ever. Dawn has been proud to stand firm with her colleagues to vote for measures that begin to bring fairness and equity to our justice system.

We canít afford to quit now.

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Dawn Adams

HD-68 Profile

Chesterfield Co., Richmond, Henrico County

HD-68 Voting Trend

Democratic candidates' election percentages.

2020: Biden received 58.8.
2019 (HD): Adams won w. 54.6%
2018: Kaine received 61%. *
2017: Northam received 56%. *
2017 (HD): Dem Adams won w. 50%.
2016: Clinton received 51%.*
2015 (HD) Dem lost w. 38%.

*Stats recalculated per 2019 redisticting

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