Virginia Smith


Virginia Smith

Virginia is a former teacher, professor, and entrepreneur, running for State Senate, District 15.

"Virginia taught kids from Kindergarten through Fifth grade, finally retiring from Mary Munford Elementary. After, she taught at Virginia Commonwealth University as an adjunct professor in the School of Education.

Virginia's desire to help others led her onto a path of entrepreneurship. Inspired by her work within the public school system, she created a hands-on learning tool that parents can use to prepare their child for Kindergarten.

In 2014, Virginia became a published children's book author with Tate Publishing Company. The main character in one of her most loved books is dedicated to President Barack Obama."

Virginia, on the issues:

➔ Healthcare +

  • Advocate to increase access to mental health treatment,
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs,
  • Increase access to substance abuse treatment,
  • Work to make sure that pre-existing conditions are covered.
  • Incentives to employers who provide healthcare insurance.
  • ➔ Education +

    "The continued and complete funding of our public schools contributes to a safe and productive learning environment for our kids, maintains a low teacher-pupil ratio, provides access to modern technology, attracts and retains highly-qualified teachers, and increases teacher pay."

    ➔ Human Rights +

    "I support protecting at-risk LGBTQ rights and initiatives."

    ➔ VA Workers & Economy +

  • Paid Family Leave
  • Affordable Housing
  • Good paying jobs and careers through Workforce Development programs
  • ➔ Energy +

    "As your Senator, I will work to provide incentives for large and small farmers who use their land for solar farming, along with providing incentives for homeowners and businesses that install renewable energy technology.

    ➔ Criminal Justice Reform +

    "I will work to reform the criminal justice system by decreasing the time of incarceration for non-violent offenders, reduce the number of children prosecuted as adults, seek to appoint more women and judges of color to the courts."

    Learn more on Virginia's website issues page.




    Virginia Smith

    SD-15 Profile

    Pittsylvania Co, Mecklenburg Co, Prince George Co, Halifax Co,

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    2018: Kaine received 37% of the vote.
    2017: Northam received 34% of the vote.
    2016: Clinton received 34% of the vote.
    2015 (SD) No Dem candidate

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