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  VA Congressional District 7  


Why Vote Against
Dave Brat?

He votes for President Trump's policies 88.2% of the time.

Rep. Brat has voted to:

❯ Limit Access to Healthcare

  • American Health Care Act (AHCA) cuts Medicaid and Federal spending effectively raising health insurances costs and rendering insurance unaffordable to millions of Americans especially older, lower income, and sick people – HR 1628 – passed House
  • Limit lawsuits related to federally subsidized healthcare, undermining patient protections and hindering justice for victims of medical malpractice. H.R. 1215
  • ❯ Make Laws That Are Not Fiscally Prudent; Will Massively Increase Deficit

  • Tax Law H.R. 1 is projected to add $1.8 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years, making changes that disproportionately harm the middle class
  • –This skyrocketing deficit is projected to result in interest rate hikes and negatively affecting real GDP in later years. Nonpartisan Source: Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
    –National Debt is projected by the CBO to exceed $29 trillion within next ten years, the largest percentage increase since 1946
  • Voted for an appropriations bill with $1.6 billion for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, breaking the president's promise that Mexico would pay for it, not U.S. taxpayers. H.R. 3219
  • ❯ Decrease Gun Safety

  • Co-sponsored a bill to remove silencers from National Firearms Act asserting silencers are a form of hearing protection for gun users H.R. 367
  • Make concealed-carry firearm permits valid across state lines. H.R. 38
  • Repeal a regulation that would keep guns out of the hands of certain severely mentally ill people. H.J. Res. 40 – became law
  • Let veterans diagnosed with mental illness own and transport firearms unless found by a judge to be dangerous. H.R. 1181 – passed House
  • ❯ Harm Investors, Consumers, and Workers

  • Repeal FCC rule that barred internet service providers from sharing data on customers' activities. H.J. Res. 34
  • Repeal guidance to protect borrowers from discriminatory markups on auto loans. S.J. Res. 57 – became law
  • Let federal contractors keep labor violations secret. H.J. 37 – became law
  • Let employers avoid accurately recording work-related injuries, illnesses. H.J. Res. 83 – became law
  • Repealed rule that prohibited certain financial companies from requiring consumers with grievances to arbitrate instead of sue over contract violations. – H.J. Res. 111 – became law
  • ❯ Dismantle Clean Air, Water, and Environmental Protections

  • Delay implementation of ozone standards. HR 806
  • Repeal rule requiring energy companies to reduce waste and emissions. H.J. Res. 36
  • Repeal of Bureau of Land Management planning rules that allowed local input about private land. H.J. 44 – became law
  • Repeal stream protection rule that regulated coal mining waste in waterways. H.J. 38 – became law
  • Prevents restitution by a polluter to harmed communities for services such those needed to fund health services and help small businesses (e.g. Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez) – H.R. 732 – passed House
  • Limits Federal courts from certifying class action suits, hampering lawsuits against polluters – H.R. 985 – passed House
  • Repealed Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule – H.J. 69 – became law
  • ❯ Harm Education, Undermining Support for Schools and Teachers

  • Repeal rule that would have ensured states examine more than a few measures of school success and given states more flexibility to address school needs. H.J. 57   became law
  • Repeal rule that would have helped states better assess teacher preparation programs and enabled the technical assistance they need. H.J. 58 – became law
  • ❯ And more!

    Ask us instead about the Democratic Party Platform this year: gun safety, jobs, a better economy, fiscal prudence and strong schools.

    Vote for a country that supports our future and our children, not special interests.