Contact your Virginia Representatives

  • Be direct, clear, succinct.
  • Be polite, but firm.
  • Be brave!
  • How to address a postcard or letter

    State Delegate
    Dear Delegate Doe,
    The Honorable Jane Doe
    Pocahontas Building
    900 E. Main St,
    Richmond, Virginia 23219
    State Senator
    Dear Senator Doe,
    The Honorable Jim Doe
    General Assembly Building
    Richmond, VA

    Call your reps

    Phone numbers for Delegates: 804.698.10+district number
    Phone numbers for State Senators: 804.698.75+district number

    When you call a representative's office, give your name and address and ask the staffer to let your rep know that you favor or oppose something.

    Staffers usually keep a tally of these calls, but might not count non-constituents.

    Send email

    Same rules apply to email. Don't make your email too long, include your real name and address. If you have a personal story to support your position, use it!
    Find my representatives

    Email & Phone

    2020 VA State Senators

    2020 VA Delegates

    2020 VA General Assembly (Google Spreadsheet)


    Tips from Virginia ACLU

    Tips from Treatment Advocacy Center

    From "Echo Through the Fog" by Cordelia

    ERA Postcard toolkit