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Upcoming Election: On TUES, NOV 7, 2023, Virginians will elect State Senators and Delegates, as well as local county/city officials whose decisions most affect our daily lives, including: School Board, Board of Supervisors, Commonwealth's Attorney, Clerk of Court, and others.

callout: Democracy is at stake. President Barack-Obama
We want your voice heard in our Democracy, so Democrats made Voting Easy as 1-2-3.

Check your Voter Registration +

Or Register to Vote.

Find your Polling Place It may have changed in recent redistricting.

Update your address If your address or name has changed, you need to update your Voter Registration.

Register to Vote online Register as a new Virginia Voter, if not registered in VA.    Other Ways to Register to Vote
➔ You can register by downloading a form. (See below)
➔You can register to vote at Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.
➔You can contact a candidate campaign or political party.
➔ Organizations involved in voter registration:
   League of Women Voters
   Rock the Vote

Download Voter Registration forms

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Restore your Right to Vote

If you lost your right to vote. Apply through this website


Vote In Person  or  Vote By Mail


Best option if you cannot conveniently get to a polling place.

1. Apply for a ballot online or print form.

Apply online Must have VA ID. You need to provide the number on your Virginia Drivers License or VA ID AND the last 4 digits of your Social Security number to apply online.

Print form Fill out and return.Mail or drop off your application at your City/County Registrar's office or polling place.
[Look up Registrar's office]

DEADLINE: Fri, Oct 27 Both online and mailed applications must be received by this date. NOTE: we recommend you return your ballot application well in advance of the official deadline.

2. Fill out your ballot:

Be sure you sign and enter required info on your envelope! (Witness signature is no longer required.)

NEW There are 4 required items you must fill in on Envelope B:
1. VOTER's signature
2. Voter's year of birth
3. Last 4 digits of Voter's Social Security number (SSN)
4. Date
Your ballot could be rejected if the envelope is not properly filled in.

3. Return your ballot.

DEADLINE: TUES, NOV 7 Mail or drop off your completed Ballot at your City/County Registrar's office or polling place by 7pm on Election Day. [Look up Registrar's office]

Then, track your ballot.

Learn about candidates on your ballot  +

Use these resources to see who is on your ballot.

Encourage others to vote!

Share with friends, family and fellow members of your language, cultural, and faith communities.

As Democrats, we want every citizen to VOTE, so our democracy works for all of us!

More VA Voter info

2023 VA Election Calendar

FRI, SEPT. 22: Early Voting begins
TUES, NOV 7: General Election
OCT 27: Deadline to request a mail-in ballot

callout: Democracy is at stake. President Barack-Obama
We want your voice heard in our Democracy, so Democrats made Voting Easy as 1-2-3.

Alternate language VA Voter forms

Download from VA Dept. of Elections

When you vote

You may bring a friend or family member to help interpret, even a child (but not your manager or union boss).