Democrats to Go

Alexandria, VA


Alexandria Democrats dedicated to helping Democratic candidates outside the blue stronghold of Alexandria

We canvassed for state delegates last year and bring those delegates with us when we canvass their areas (2017/2019 candidate Donte Tanner, David Reid). We organize a monthly canvass, general canvassing with Blue Wave VA10 so far this spring and will work with specific campaigns after the June primary. We had a successful phone bank for VA10 last month. We promote and support Indivisible Del Ray's monthly fundraisers for state delegates (Donte Tanner and Shelly Simmonds in May, Wendy Gooditis in June).

Issues: Electoral politics
Activities: Canvassing, Phone banking,
Members: 130 FB, email; 20 active

Updated: 2020-04-28 11:27:53 In-person, Facebook, Website