31st Street

31st Street Swing Left

Washington, DC


We are a growing group of regular people in the DC, MD and VA area who want to strengthen our democracy and help elect Democrats.

We came together in January, 2017 as 32 people. As of January 30, 2019, we have 393 members.

We target candidates who have a solid chance of winning but who need help, especially early in their campaigns. We call this the "sweet spot." We do not invest in those who are the most likely to win or who would otherwise secure sufficient funding from others. Our group analyzes polls, history of voting in the district, strength of the candidate and opponent and sometimes, how well organized the campaign is.

Though we avoid primaries, if we decide the candidate and district is in a sweet spot, we try to get the candidate early money, or money for specific needs. If the district is not too far off, we canvass. We think our strategy has been very effective.

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Issues: Electoral politics, Flip the House Blue; Elect Democrats to Virginia State Legislature
Activities: Fundraising, Canvassing
Members: 2017: 32 members; 2019: 393 members

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