Project Blue Dominion

Arlington, VA


November 5, 2019: The day we take back Virginia's House of Delegates and Senate.

Perhaps the only silver lining to what happened November 8, 2016 is the enormous amount of positive progressive energy we are seeing and feeling across the country. Whether motivated by frustration, disappointment, anger, anxiety or outright fear, people are looking for ways to make a difference. Virginia's election this November presents an exciting opportunity to push back and make your voice heard.

Rip Sullivan represents the 48th District in Virginia's House of Delegates, and is the House Democratic Caucus Campaign Chair. As part of his effort to elect more Democrats to the House of Delegates, Rip launched Project Blue Dominion. Project Blue Dominion will help recruit, train, and fund Democratic candidates across the Commonwealth.

Issues: Electoral politics,
Activities: Recruit Democratic Candidates, Train, and Fund

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