SURJ NoVa Non-Partisan

Showing Up for Racial Justice Northern Virginia

Centreville, VA


Activating white people to work for racial justice in the Northern Virginia area.

Calling people in, not calling out

Our focus is on working with white people who are invested in anti-racism and want to take action for racial justice. We are committed to inviting white people into this movement.

Taking risks, learning, and keep going

People of color take risks just by living their lives with full dignity. They also put themselves on the line for justice. We challenge ourselves and other white people to take risks as well, to stand up against racist systems, actions, and structures every day.

Tap into white mutual interests

Our own liberation as white people, our own humanity, is inextricably linked to racial justice. Mutual interest means our own freedom is bound up in the freedom of people of color.

Accountability through action

We maintain ongoing relationships, individually and organizationally, with leaders and organizations led by people of color. We are committed to the work of moving more white people into action in our local communities, regionally, and nationally for racial justice.

Enough for everyone

Dominant white culture teaches us to feel isolation and scarcity in everything we do. Resources are structurally and unequally distributed, but we believe there is enough for all of us. We raise resources to support people of color-led efforts while doing our own work.

We are showing up to challenge racism. Together we can make the world we want and need. Join us.

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Updated: 2020-05-17 12:07:56