Competitive Commonwealth Fund

Merrifield, VA


We want every Virginian to have a democratic choice on election day.

The Competitive Commonwealth Fund is dedicated to recruiting and funding Democratic candidates for office in strong Republican areas of Virginia.

Nearly two thirds of House races went uncontested in the 2015 cycle, marking a failure in our ability to deliver an alternative message to Republicans and expand our brand. In 2017, we contested 88 of 100 House races.

We recruit candidates who can expand the Democratic brand by advocating for policies to create a thriving middle class. These include bringing high-quality jobs to their area, giving Virginians a raise, and ensuring access to affordable education and healthcare.

Initial campaign expenses for Democratic candidates can top thousands! The Competitive Commonwealth Fund will help Democratic candidates afford their initial expenses, such as the database, voter file, contribution page and a website.

Through aggressive recruitment, training and support of strong Democratic candidates in every corner of Virginia, we can ensure more Virginians have a choice on Election Day and reject the divisive Republican agenda.

The blue wave required to take our country back started with Virginia. Join us today!

Issues: Electoral politics,
Activities: Fundraising, Recruit, train and support candidates

Updated: 2020-05-17 12:07:46