Norfolk, VA


We are an organization that brings structure and strategy to progressive efforts here in Hampton Roads.

Five women came together after the 2016 Presidential election and formed MotherBoard757 with the goal of getting more women involved in local, state, and federal government. Our group focuses on 7 core issues, 5 actions, and a 7 dollar suggested donation. We send out a newsletter to subscribed members by-weekly during election time with updates on the 757. We meet whenever it is necessary and push that information out in emails and on FaceBook.

Issues: Electoral politics, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Environment, Womens Rights, LGBTQ, Immigration, Healthcare, Economy, Voting Rights,
Activities: Organizing actions, Canvassing, Phone banking, Postcards,
Members: 900

★ 2020 Activities

Working in: VA

★ 2019 Activities

HD-21, HD-100, HD84, HD85 SD-07, SD-08Support 5 candidates through canvassing, phone banking, and postcard writing. Our group members will attend and support other events that support progressive goals.

2018 Activities

▪ Wrote 8,000+ postcards ▪ Sent out 2000+ texts ▪ Sent out 300+ emails ▪ Filled 72 volunteer shifts for GOTV weekend ▪ Spent 10 nights phone banking ▪ Held 6 postcard parties ▪ Spent dozens of hours canvassing ▪ Took back the HOUSE!

2017 Activities/History

Our group members worked with several campaigns throughout the state which included phone banking, voter registration, canvassing and post card writing.

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