American P Non-Partisan

American Promise

Alexandria, VA


Advocacy for getting money out of politics

Our Virginia group focuses nationally, state-wide and locally. Our objectives are to: 1) build awareness about the corrosive influence of money on our political system; 2) make getting "big money out of politics" a campaign issue in 2019; 3) identify avenues of influence with our legislatures in Virginia with the goal of getting the Virginia General Assembly in 2020 to pass a Bill supporting a US constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United. In Virginia also, we work to pass resolutions in local communities and we advocate for sensible campaign finance reform which limit campaign contributions; introduce more transparency through reporting and disclosure, prohibit contributions from public service corporations, limit personal use of campaign contribution, promote public campaign financing, etc. We have been operational for a year and a half and meet in-person once a month.

Issues: Campaign finance reform
Members: Action network: 500; in-person 12

Updated: 2020-05-17 12:00:25