Fairfax Indivisible

(Previously Indivisible Viginia 11)
Fairfax, VA


Our mission is to support the Biden/Harris administration and help to fix our democracy

TRANSITIONING FROM RESISTANCE TO SUPPORT The following is a description of the path forward for this group in 2021. First, this is a private group organized for those of us in the Fairfax Virginia area, but membership is open to all who support the goals of supporting the Biden/Harris administration and the core advocacy issues of Indivisible (https://indivisible.org/core-advocacy-issues). We are actively transitioning from a group that had focused on resistance to the Trump administration to one that will support and encourage, and maybe provide pressure when needed to the Biden administration. The major focus areas of this group are: ‘fixing our democracy’ (see https://indivisible.org/democracy-guide for details); helping to elect progressive candidates in all level of government; advocating for progressive bills in the state and federal legislatures; encouraging federal and state executive branches to set progressive agendas; working to protect voter rights, and; encouraging criminal justice reform. Group members are encouraged to share by posting on this page evidence-based information and announcements that will help support these goals. We discourage the posting of degrading posts or comments, and posts that are off topic may be removed. Members can add others to this group by directly adding them they are Facebook 'friends'. The nominated member will then be approved after an administrator does a quick verification that their outlook will fit into this mission. Those who do not have a friend in the group can send an email to FairfaxIndivisible@gmail.com.

Issues: Electoral politics, Legislation, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Womens Rights, LGBTQ, Immigration, Healthcare, Economy, Voting Rights,
Members: Facebook 450

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