R2V Non-Partisan


Dallas, TX


We provide free round-trip, covid safe rides to the polls, and outreach to Democratic voters to engage them in the voting process.

R2V was founded in 2018 in Dallas, TX and quickly expanded to the other major TX metropolitan areas to fill the need for reliable transportation to the polls. Our focus is on engaging low-propensity Democrats and inviting them to the election process so that they will be continuously involved voters.

We partner with campaigns, Democratic parties, and other grassroots organizations to support and expand their GOTV operations by providing the "last mile" transportation to the polls via volunteer drivers.

Issues: Electoral politics, Voting Rights,
Activities: Canvassing, Phone banking, Fundraising, Provide Rides to the Polls
Members: 2561 registered volunteers; 1931 members on Facebook

Updated: 2021-05-21 12:33:35