Common Defense

Arlington, VA


We are the largest grassroots organization of progressive veterans standing up for our communities against the tide of racism, hate,and violence.

Our membership is free. We invite all veterans under our umbrella. We are progressives. We have a bi weekly national video conference meeting via Zoom to receive updates on legislation and other issues. We have breakout rooms for various topics ranging from climate change to racial justice to women's rights and equality. We have a speaker/writers bureau as well. We also train veterans to make positive impact on the local level in our Veterans Organizing Institute. Common Defense is a new American movement for peace, security, and justice united and led by progressive veterans. We are a grassroots, working-class movement dedicated to building an equitable democracy to ensure social, racial, environmental, and economic justice.

Issues: Electoral politics, Racial Justice, Gun Violence, Environment, Womens Rights, LGBTQ, Immigration, Healthcare, Economy, Voting Rights, End The Forever War, Climate justice
Members: Facebook - 23,545, Twiitter - 86,200, in person - update pending

Updated: 2021-08-07 07:39:14