Sweep Virginia

Springfield, VA


We are a statewide group of women focused on relational organizing to improve Virginia and help nationally when needed.

We are a group of women fighting to “clean house” in Virginia. We care about quality public education, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, common sense gun reform, affordable healthcare, the environment, and true equality for all. We are the state chapter of the national organization, Red Wine & Blue. Our Virginia members meet locally and on zoom as events and needs arise. We are in the beginning stages of building our community (est sept 2022). We're very engaged and ready to work toward a better Virginia.

Issues: Gun Violence, Womens Rights, LGBTQ, Healthcare, Voting Rights, school boards, public school systems across Virginia
Activities: Organizing actions, Canvassing, Phone banking, Postcards, Voter Registration,
Members: 371

Updated: 2023-06-23 10:54:33